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Thinking About Buying a Vizsla?


You must be or you wouldn't be visiting. It's important to know that there are many different breeds for different purposes and Vizlsas are not the perfect breed for everyoneVizslas are becoming quite popular. Their beautiful appearance appeals to many however it's important to provide the prospective owner with a clear description about life with a Vizsla. There are many advantages and disadvantages to consider when thinking about adding a Vizsla to your family. Anyone interested in owning one needs to be completely aware of what they are getting themselves into and everyone in the family needs to agree that this is the breed they will be committing to for up to 15 years of the dog’s life.

Family Life:

Vizslas need to be part of the family and are not well suited to kennel life. They are an animal of very high energy and demand an unusual amount of attention from their owners. Their people are very important to them and your company is one of their major priorities. Because they are so tuned into their owners, they are capable of becoming a master of control to get their own way. Vizslas would prefer that you allow them to lie on the couch, sleep in your bed and sit on your lap. They will follow you everywhere, want to be touching you whenever possible and want to be touched in return. Our vizslas can be quite demanding about this.


Overall, the breed has seen a decline in health over the years.  Breeders are doing a great job of health testing their breeding dogs and eliminating dogs from their breeding program that have known health issues.  However cancer is a great concern for dog owners and breeders alike.  All types of cancer seem to affect Vizslas.  Studies have shown that early spay & neutering have been linked to some cancers.  There are no tests to determine which dogs will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.  Many breeders advocate, recommend and even require that their pups remain intact for up to 2 years to try to give their pups their best chance at avoiding a cancer diagnosis.  Most breeders advocate minimal vaccines to prevent the overload of toxins to the body that can have an impact on health.  As breeders we do require that you wait until two years of age to spay or neuter your vizsla and we strongly recommend that you find a vet who supports minimal vaccinations and the elimination of unnecessary vaccines.  

Activity Level:

Vizslas are a sporting dog, bred to hunt.  They have the stamina to run and hunt all day.  They are very active dogs and their owners should be as well. For the active family, who spends a lot of time outdoors, the vizsla can make a wonderful addition to your lifestyle. They require daily off leash exercise. You have to be willing to do this year round. A short walk on a leash or expecting them to entertain themselves in a small yard will not suffice. Vizslas that do not get the required daily exercise can become very bored and destructive. They can be giddy clowns, up for anything and often retain this aspect of their personalities throughout their entire lives.


Early obedience training is essential with a Vizsla. A new owner should expect to enroll in at least two 8 to 10 week obedience courses. They are highly intelligent, love to learn and please their owners and thrive in an enriched and stimulating environment. Mental stimulation and exercise are just as important to the vizsla as outdoor exercise. They make great field, obedience and agility dogs. Consistent crate training is highly recommended from puppyhood..​


The Vizsla has a short coat which is relatively low maintenance. They do not have an undercoat so your house will not be prone to a lot of dog hair everywhere as you find in some breeds. But those short red hairs do come out and they embed themselves into carpet, furniture and clothing. Contrary to some reports, Vizslas are not hypoallergenic and they do shed. They shed more in the early spring and again in the fall, as you would expect with any breed. Regular nail clipping is important, as is ear cleaning (especially if your Vizsla does a fair bit of swimming).

"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too"


~Samual Butler



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