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Welcome to Lienroc

​Lienroc Vizslas is located 30 minutes south of Hamilton, near the town of Cayuga on 14 acres overlooking the beautiful Grand River. We are owned by 5 Vizslas who are a part of everything we do. They live in our home not in a kennel, take up all the room on the couch and think our bed is theirs.

We began our journey into the world of Vizslas in 1996 when we met Eileen Wilkes of Ferngold Vizslas.  After researching many breeds we finally decided on a Vizsla puppy.

Then the process of contacting and meeting Vizsla breeders began and once we saw and interacted with vizslas for real, it was love at first sight. We eventually decided on a puppy from Eileen and her beautiful English dogs. 

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the day finally came to bring home our boy, Nash. Eileen encouraged us to become involved in performance activities and it wasn't long before we were introducing our puppy to birds and training him for field events. Over the years, our involvement with our vizslas has brought us many new friends, dog and human alike.

From that small beginning we were hooked on Vizslas and it wasn't long before we got our second. Luna (Ferngold Auburn Luna) introduced us to the show ring and the world of breeding.  After that we reached out to Jackie Perkins of Gardenway Vizslas in the UK.  Both Nash and Luna descended from the Gardenway Vizslas and we were eager to have one of Jackie's dog.  In 2007 she sent us Ryka, a bouncy, delightful 10 week old female puppy.   


The rest is history! We are proud of our accomplishments both in the show ring and the field. Our breeding program is small, producing a litter every 18 months to 2 years. All puppies are born, raised and socialized in our home and with as much exposure as we can provide to everything they may encounter once they leave us. We are committed to every dog that we produce throughout its entire life and take the placement of our puppies very seriously.

At Lienroc we strive to produce Vizslas that can perform in the show ring, field events, obedience and agility but our emphasis is always first and foremost on health, temperament, type and structure. No dog will be bred until it has been successfully screened and passed health clearances for hips, eyes and thyroid and meets our standards for temperament. 

We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, Vizsla Society of Ontario, Vizsla Canada and NAVHDA.  Terri has been an active board member of VSO, Vizsla Canada and OGR-NAVHDA over the years, holding many different positions, including President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Field Chair, Test Secretary and Show Chair.   Terri was approved to judge CKC Field Tests for Pointing breeds in 2018 and loves nothing more than to watch and judge pointing breeds doing what they were bred and meant to do.  

Please browse around our site and meet our Vizsla family. We're always available to answer your questions by phone or email., although email is the easiest way to reach us. 

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