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About Us

​Lienroc Vizslas is located 30 minutes south of Hamilton, near the town of Cayuga on 14 acres overlooking the beautiful Grand River. We are owned by 5 Vizslas who are a part of everything we do. They live in our home not in a kennel, take up all the room on the couch and think our bed is theirs.....

Is the Vizsla Right For You?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to consider when thinking about adding a Vizsla to the family. Anyone interested in owning one needs to be completely aware of what they are getting themselves into.  Everyone in the family needs to agree.......

What's New?

Cage (Solaris No Speed Limit) earned his AKC JH (Junior Hunter) title this weekend.  Cage is almost 2 years old and owner handled.  

Contact Us: 

Terri & Greg Corneil

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Email:  (Contact form or email are the preferred method of contact.  Usually replies within 24 - 48 hours)

When completing the contact form, provide as much information about yourself, your lifestyle and your goals as you can.  And please tell us where you live. 

Phone: 905-512-8727

Location: Cayuga, Ontario

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Last updated:  January 4, 2021